Venture and Venture Pro Outdoor Fixed Blade Knives by Victorinox

Victorinox Venture and Venture Pro Fixed-blade Knives

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Victorinox Venture and Venture Pro Fixed Blade Knives

Victorinox Venture Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife

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Made in Switzerland. Designed for the Outdoors.

Victorinox Venture fixed blade knives are the ultimate outdoor adventure knives. Designed for carving, cutting, food preparation, camping and hunting, Venture knives are durable and reliable enough for hiking or bush crafting in even the deepest woods.

Every Venture and Venture Pro Knife is made by Victorinox in Ibach, Switzerland. The launch of this collection marks the first time Victorinox, makers of the original Swiss Army Knife, have made fixed blade knives in-house.

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Strong Drop-Point Stainless Steel Blades

Made from 14C28N stainless steel, a high-quality corrosion-resistant steel alloy, the Venture blades have a strong drop point with a fine tip for carving and other detailed work. Though the tip is a sharp point, it is still robust enough for moderate leveraging tasks.

Venture Pro Knife Blade with Drop Point, Jimping and 90-degree Spine

The spine of the blade is a sharp 90 degrees and can be used to scrape tinder and, in conjunction with the fire steel, to easily light a campfire. Jimping (a groove pattern) near the tip of the blade provides maximum blade control.

The full tang construction of every Venture Knife adds to its resilience and durability, and the flat grind geometry adds to the knife's performance for carving, whittling, and outdoor cooking tasks.


Ergonomic, Safe Grip Handle

Venture Fixed Blade Knife Ergonomic Power Grip Handle

The handles of the Venture and Venture Pro have a "Powerzone" design, with lines indicating where the knife can handle the most force. The shape and grip make the knife comfortable to hold, even during tough tasks, and secure to hold in even the wettest weather. A specialty thumb rest adds comfort and control for carving techniques such as the sternum pull cut, pinch-grip or power cut.

The handle is made from a polymer (TPE), which is extremely durable. 

The protruding tang, like the spine of the blade, has a 90 degree edge perfect for scraping wood, smashing nuts and seeds, hammering and crushing. The protruding tang's hex hole can accommodate a hex drill (included in the Venture Pro Kit), and also functions as a lanyard hole.


Protective, Multi-purpose Sheath and Belt Carry Loop

The Venture's sheath safely stores the knife when not in use. It is symmetrical, so you can quickly and easily sheath the knife whether you are using it left- or right-handed. Drainage holes in the sheath allow your knife to dry after use, and also double as a blowtube for fire making.

Venture Fixed Blade Knife Sheath

An elastic ring can be pulled over the top of the knife to keep it from tipping, and the include belt loop made of a sturdy webbing (PP) allows the Venture to be carried on either a belt or MOLLE system.


Venture Pro Features and Carrying System

In addition to all of the features above, the Venture Pro also has a bow drill divot built into one side of the handle. Used in conjunction with the fire bow drill technique, it helps safely ignite a fire.


Venture Pro Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife and Kit


The Venture Pro Carrying System (included with the Venture Pro) works with the Venture sheath, is both MOLLE and Tek-Lok system compatible, and can also be put on a belt. In addition to holding the Venture Pro sheath, it incorporates tweezers for removing braces, a ballpoint pen for sketching carving shapes onto wood, and a fire steel for lighting a campfire.


Venture Pro Kit

To add even more to the multi-tasking abilities of the Venture knife, the Venture Pro Kit, designed to fit the carrying system of the Venture Pro, is made of a tough, durable polyester (600D). 

Venture Pro Knife Kit at Swiss Knife Shop

The kit also includes a 2 cm flat drill with a standard 1/4-inch shaft and two sharpening stones.

The sharpening stones can be slotted into the Venture Pro's carrying system to sharpen your knife to the perfect blade angle.

The flat drill in this kit fits the hex hole on the knife's protruding tang, and has a self-threading tip for drilling easily into wood.


The Ultimate Outdoor Adventure Knife

Whether you choose the Venture or the Venture Pro, you will be equipped with a Swiss-made fixed blade knife that will see you through almost any task on your next outdoor adventure. 

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Venture and Venture Pro Fixed Blade Knives at Swiss Knife Shop
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