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NEW! Daily Customs German-made handles make your favorite Swiss Army Knife one-of-a-kind.

Avoid Contaminated Surfaces! 
The CleanKey by KeySmart keeps your fingers clear of elevator buttons, touch screens, door handles & more.

Nail Clip 580 Swiss Army Knife $26.50
Merkur 907 Beard and Moustache Detailing Razor, Chrome $29.95
Nail Clip 580 Red Edelweiss Swiss Army Knife $31.50
Kent Handmade Folding Mustache & Beard Comb $10.00
Twin S Gold Stainless Steel Ultra Slim Nail Clipper by Zwilling J.A. Henckels $44.99
Tweezerman Mini Nail Rescue Kit $19.99
Tweezerman Color Slant Tweezers $20.75
Tweezerman Color Mini Slant Tweezers $13.50
Tweezerman GEAR 4-Piece Essential Grooming Kit $27.50
Tweezerman Petite Tweeze Set with Black Leather Case $24.50
Rockwell 6C Fully Adjustable Safety Razor, White Chrome $49.99
Rockwell 2C Adjustable Safety Razor, White Chrome $29.99
Merkur 3 Piece Travel Razor Set in Black Leather Case $66.25
Dovo-Special Straight Razor with Imitation Tortoiseshell Handle $153.00
Kent Infinity Silvertex Traditional Shaving Brush $25.00
Dovo Black Leather Double-Edge Razor Travel Case $42.50
Edwin Jagger Ebony Best Badger Wet Shaving Brush and Aloe Vera Shaving Cream Gift Set $79.00 $59.00
Kent Menthol Skin Conditioning Shaving Cream $20.00
Kent Beechwood Shaving Bowl with Luxury Shaving Soap $48.00
Kent Medium Black Pure Bristle Traditional Shaving Brush $38.00
Rockwell 3-Piece Wet Shaving Set $79.99
Vie-Long Brown Horse Hair Shaving Brush - Acrylic Butterscotch Handle $36.00
Merkur Travel Shaving Set in Camel Leather Case $178.00
Merkur 38B Double Edge Safety Razor, Straight Cut, Black Handle $52.00
Captain Fawcett's Beard Oil and Comb Set $75.00
Edwin Jagger Hydrating Pre-Shave Lotion, 2.5 fl oz. $16.00 $13.00
Golddachs Men's 3-Piece Wenge Wood Mach 3 Shaving Set $200.00
Golddachs Men's 3-Piece Shaving Set, Mach3 $189.00
Edwin Jagger Aloe Vera Natural Premium After Shave Lotion, 3.4 fl oz. $39.90 $29.00
Kent "Wet Set" Wet Shaving Set $60.00
Kent "Wet is Best" Wet Shaving Set $42.00
Kent Medium Cream Pure Bristle Traditional Shaving Brush $40.00
Kent "The Big Wet Set" Wet Shaving Set $82.00
Kent Black Razor - Mach 3 $140.00

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