New! Swiss Army Classic SD Colors Collection by Victorinox

Introducing the 2021 Classic SD Colors Collection of Swiss Army Knives by Victorinox, makers of the original Swiss Army Knife.


This bright new series of Swiss Army Knives cast the bestselling Classic SD in 30 brilliant hues, and also includes 5 colorful new Leather Pouches and 5 whimsical new Silicone Cases.

This splashy new collection includes 10 new aluminum oxide Alox colors, 10 solid colors, and 10 translucent colors. Inspired by a painter's palette, these knives cover the entire rainbow - from Victorinox's famous Style Icon Red and a translucent Fire Opal Orange, all the way to Persian Indigo Blue and Electric Lavender Purple.

While some are similar to the ongoing lineup of Classic SDs, this new series introduces colors not seen for years, if ever, in the Classic line such as oranges and turquoise blues.

Another exciting addition in this release is the silicone cases and leather pouches designed specifically for the Classic SD. The whimsical silicone cases fit snugly around the Classic SD, and give it even more personality by adding a crown, skateboard wheels, cow horns and more.

The leather pouches, also available in 5 colors, are a more traditional case, and include a matching lanyard.

Whatever color inspires you, there is now a Classic SD for you!



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