New! Precious Alox Classic SD Swiss Army Knives by Victorinox - A New Take on the Famous Victorinox Alox Handles

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Introducing the 2021 Classic SD Precious Alox Collection of Swiss Army Knives by Victorinox, makers of the original Swiss Army Knife. 

The Precious Alox Classic SD Swiss Army Knife Collection by Victorinox is a refined, redesigned take on the bestselling, elegant Alox Classic SD.

This unique new group of colorful knives, available in 5 modern metallic shades, has a striking woven texture you can not only see, but feel. This is the first time this pattern has been available, and it truly stands out in more ways than one.


Precious Alox Classic SDs in 5 Modern Colors


Victorinox Precious Alox Classic SD Swiss Army Knife Introductory Video


What is Alox?

Alox is a term that comes from the combination of the words "Aluminum" and "Oxide." Victorinox's Alox handles are punched from sheets of aluminum, and then embossed - in this case with a beautiful woven pattern. Once embossed, Victorinox Alox handles go through a process known as Eloxal, which creates a protective layer on the handle through the process of oxidation. It is during the addition of this strong outer layer that the handles get their color.

While Precious Alox is a new take on Alox handles, Alox itself has been a Victorinox fixture since 1957, when it was introduced on the Pioneer Swiss Army knife. It was also a prominent part of the version of the Soldier's knife that was in use from 1961 to 2008.

The Bestselling Classic SD

The minimalistic Classic SD is a keychain-sized Swiss Army Knife. It is by far the bestselling Victorinox knife, and has been for many years.

Though it is just 2.25 inches long, it features five very portable essentials - a small, sharp blade; a nail file with a flat-head screwdriver tip; sharp scissors; and a key ring.

Custom Engraving

Custom engraving is available on the blade of the Precious Alox Classic SD to make this unique knife yours alone without disturbing the beautiful handles.

Presentation Box

These striking new Precious Alox knives come with a special edition presentation box for storage or for gift giving.

Classic Precious Alox Presentation Box



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