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NEW! Daily Customs German-made handles make your favorite Swiss Army Knife one-of-a-kind.

Avoid Contaminated Surfaces! 
The CleanKey by KeySmart keeps your fingers clear of elevator buttons, touch screens, door handles & more.

Our Groomsmen Gift Department is a curated collection of suggestions based on our years of experience working with grooms and brides. Most of our gifts can be custom engraved for your wedding party by our in-house team, even if your wedding is just around the corner.

If you would like help selecting the perfect groomsmen gifts, call the wedding experts in our customer service department (866-438-7947) for personal attention. Shopping last minute? We can help get your gifts out to you before the Big Day.

Classic SD Swiss Army Knife by Victorinox $16.99
Tinker Swiss Army Knife $23.99
SwissChamp Swiss Army Knife by Victorinox $87.99
Leatherman Micra Multi-Tool $29.95
Leatherman Squirt PS4 Multi-Tool $39.95
Spartan Swiss Army Knife $23.99
Merkur 907 Beard and Moustache Detailing Razor, Chrome $29.95
Climber Swiss Army Knife $33.99
Explorer Swiss Army Knife $47.99
Baseball Classic SD Exclusive Swiss Army Knife $22.50
Leatherman Wingman Multi-Tool with Nylon Sheath $59.95
Money Clip Alox Swiss Army Knife $40.75
Golf Classic SD Exclusive Swiss Army Knife $22.50
Leatherman Sidekick Multi-Tool with Nylon Sheath $59.95
Leatherman Aqua Signal Multi-Tool - Limited Edition $119.95
Leatherman Rebar Multi-Tool with Leather Sheath $69.95
Onyx Black Spartan Swiss Army Knife $79.99
Outdoor Master Mic Small Fixed-blade Knife by Victorinox $119.99
Outdoor Master Mic Large Fixed-blade Knife by Victorinox $199.99
Denali National Park Classic SD Exclusive Swiss Army Knife $22.50
Swiss Army Hunter XT Orange and Nylon Belt Pouch $54.99
Comic Book Spartan Exclusive Swiss Army Knife $29.50
Swiss Army Sportsman $22.99
Swiss Army Evolution S101 $31.99
Swiss Army EvoGrip 18 $48.99
Leatherman Gray Signal Multi-Tool - Limited Edition $119.95
Leatherman Cobalt Blue Signal Multi-Tool - Limited Edition $119.95
LED Lenser NEO LED Headlamp $23.85
Swiss Army Spartan PS Black $79.99
Swiss Army Swiss Walnut Hunter Pro with Nylon Pouch $114.99
Tweezerman GEAR 4-Piece Essential Grooming Kit $27.50
Fletchers' Mill 7" Cocktail Muddler $12.95
Orbitkey 2.0 Canvas Keychain $34.90
Swiza D03 Swiss Pocket Knife $41.95
Orbitkey 2.0 Leather Keychain $39.90
Orbitkey 2.0 Active Keychain $24.90
Leatherman Charge + Multi-Tool with Black Nylon Sheath $139.95
Endurance Cocktail Shaker $19.99
Rockwell 6C Fully Adjustable Safety Razor, White Chrome $49.99
Leatherman Signal Multi-Tool with Nylon Sheath $119.95
Swiss Army EvoWood 14 $59.99

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