Patterns of the World 2021 Classic SD Swiss Army Knives

Patterns of the World - Introducing the 2021 Classic SD Swiss Army Knife Winners

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Each year since 2010, Victorinox has turned to their fans around the world to help create a series of limited edition versions of their bestselling pocket knife - the 58 mm Classic SD. This tiny multi-tasker features 7 functions, and is on hundreds of thousands of keychains across the globe.

The rules of the design contest are simple - create a unique version of this runaway favorite following the year's theme. Once the submission window closes, a jury of Victorinox employees chooses 30 designs for the short list, which is then narrowed to 10 winning designs. The ultimate winners are chosen by the popular vote of Victorinox fans.

This year, 10 lucky designers won not only 3,000 Euros, but also the honor of having their designs produced and sold internationally.

This year's theme, Patterns of the World, drew a wide assortment of ideas that range from life under the ocean to Mexican zarape blankets and lucky Japanese cats.



1. Ocean Life, which depicts creatures from the jellyfish to the mighty whale, was designed by Sapto from Malang, Indonesia. The inspiration behind this design is an "ethnic" style of art, and, according to Sapto, the intention of this piece is to inspire people to "save the ocean, save nature, save the earth so you will save the whole life!"

2. Eagle Flight by Peter, a graphic designer from Poland, depicts the feathers of an eagle, which is the national emblem of Poland. In addition, according to Peter, "symbolizes pride, strength, greatness and freedom." This striking design is all in black and white.

3. Lucky Cats by Corina and Alex of Bucharest, Romania, features a pattern of the Japanese "maneki neko," a cat beckoning good fortune. Corina and Alex created this design with a background of cats "bringing us all the luck we need, plus one extra lucky cat that reminds us to work hard while staying positive and doing things our way."

4. Alpine Edelweiss was designed in Dusseldorf, Germany by Marina. Edelweiss, the national flower of Switzerland, is featured on the front and back of this beautiful knife with soft colors and elegant lines. According to Swiss tradition, giving an edelweiss blossom to a loved one symbolizes dedication.

5. Designed by Ray from Mexico City, Mexico the Mexican Zarape Classic SD is a knife that celebrates the bright colors and simple patterns of traditional Mexican zarape blankets and shawls, and pays homage to his country.

6. The Retro TV Classic SD, designed by Besnik of Tirana, Albania, is a throw-back to when television broadcasts in Albania were limited to a view much like this knife's design for 18 hours a day.

7. Cubic Illusion, inspired by artists like M.C. Escher, was designed by Sonja, a graphic designer from Austria. The more you stare at this striking black and white knife, the more your perspective of the cubes shifts.

8. Dynamic Floral, a lovely assortment of pastel daisies, was designed by Mariya in Bulgaria to reflect her love of the beauty of nature.

9. Porcelain Elegance was designed by Cezara, an architecture student from Romania. It features delicate blue flowers inspired by Dutch china patterns, and it appears as though Delft blue flowers were painted on this knife by a Dutch artist years ago.

10. The Tie Dye knife was designed by Andrea, a graphic designer from Mexico City, Mexico, to reflect her love of all things hippie and boho-chic. She created it to represent the "fun, psychedelic colors from the 70's groove."




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