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NEW! Daily Customs German-made handles make your favorite Swiss Army Knife one-of-a-kind.

Avoid Contaminated Surfaces! 
The CleanKey by KeySmart keeps your fingers clear of elevator buttons, touch screens, door handles & more.

Keep your knives and your hands safe when you're not cooking with knife blocks, culinary rolls, knife blade sheaths and cut gloves by Victorinox, Wusthof, Shun and more at Swiss Knife Shop.

Kyocera 5-inch Knife Sheath $4.95
Victorinox Performance SHIELD 2 Cut Resistant Glove $22.99
Kyocera 3-inch Knife Sheath $2.95
Shun 8-Slot Knife Roll $39.95
Victorinox Empty Universal Culinary Attache Case $56.50
Victorinox Safety Orange UltraSHIELD Cut Resistant Glove $23.99
Wusthof Cut Glove, Medium - Green $19.95
Victorinox Hard Tri-Fold Case with 10 Knife Capacity $59.99
Victorinox Black Tri-Fold Culinary Roll with 13 Knife Capacity $56.99
Victorinox Grand Maitre 6-Slot Knife Block $144.99
Shun Sora Build-A-Block Set $139.95
Shun Classic Build-a-Block Set with Bonus Honing Steel $199.95

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