Introducing the Tiger Orange Alox 2021 Limited Edition Swiss Army Knife Collection!

Introducing the Tiger Orange Alox 2021 Limited Edition Swiss Army Knife Collection!

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Victorinox Swiss Army has a long history of tradition and of creating unique, limited edition pieces prized by collectors. 

Back in 2015, Victorinox launched a new annual tradition - colorful Alox knives in a different bold color each year. This annual collection always includes 3 Swiss Army knife models. In past years, these have included a Classic SD keychain tool, a Cadet, and a Pioneer. This year, Victorinox has branched out to include different models - the Classic SD, the Pioneer X and the Hunter Pro - each with a bold, bright orange handle.

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The Alox handles of these knives are punched from aluminum, embossed, anodized and coated with a protective layer to keep them safe from the effects of use and corrosion.

Tiger Orange Alox 2021 Limited Edition Swiss Army Knife

The back panel of the each of these Alox pieces is engraved with the year, 2021, and these Limited Edition Swiss Army knives are housed in handsome presentation gift boxes featuring the Victorinox logo.

As with other Victorinox Alox Swiss Army knives, the Tiger Orange knives are rugged, but lightweight and slim. The Classic SD, for example, weighs only 0.6 ounces, and is only 0.2 inches thick from handle to handle.

Many collectors have a piece from each year's collection, making for a colorful display.

While some might be disappointed that the lineup has changed, Victorinox chose the Pioneer X for its addition of scissors to the standard Pioneer. The Pioneer X, itself a relatively new addition to the Victorinox assortment, has become one of the bestselling Alox tools.

The Hunter Pro also has a strong following, and this bold orange version is a stunning addition to this model's family.

Whether choosing a Tiger Orange Alox piece for your collection on display, or to make it your everyday carry, these knives are a bright, colorful addition.

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