Collection: Bear and Son Knives at Swiss Knife Shop

Bear and Son Cutlery has been making high-quality pocket knives in their factory in Jacksonville, Alabama since the 1990's. Every knife is made from start to finish in the USA, and every knife blade is forged from American steel. Discover your next hunting, outdoor or everyday carry knife.

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Bear and Son Knives are Made in America

Every Bear and Son Cutlery pocket knife is made in the Bear factory in Jacksonville, Alabama. The entire manufacturing process is housed in this factory - from die cutting to assembly and final polishing.

Bear and Son is one of the largest knife manufacturers in the United States.

Bear and Son Knives Feature American Steel Blades

Bear and Son knives all feature blades made from American steel. There are several varieties of steel used for Bear's knife blades - from the proprietary 440 high carbon stainless steel to 1095 carbon steel.

Bear and Son is a Family Business

In the 1990's, Ken Griffey, Jr. founded Bear Cutlery, and has been at the helm ever since. Now, after several decades, his son Matt Griffey is stepping into a leadership role at the company and continuing the legacy.

How to Determine the Age of Your Bear and Son Knife

Bear and Son has built in a dotted system designed to help the knife collector identify the age his or her knife pattern. To calculate the age of your Bear knife, look at the bear blade tang stamp and count the number of stars. Then, subtract that number from the year 2030 to find the year it was manufactured.

(For example, a knife with a tang stamp with ten stars was made in 2020.)