Personalized Father's Day Gift Ideas

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Good Father's day gifts are notoriously had to find. No sliding by with a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates like on Mother's Day. This gift guide will help you find a cool gift your father or grandfather will really use and appreciate.

Swiss Knife Shop offers custom engraving on almost any gift in our store. Adding a personal touch to an already-great gift by Swiss Army, Leatherman or Boker will definitely make you Dad's favorite.

What should I have engraved on Dad's gift?
We get a lot of customer requests for engraving suggestions. Popular engraving options for Father's Day include Dad's name and the year, and/or his kids' names. For a first Father's Day gift, the new baby's name and birth year makes a great engraving, or something like "1st Dad's Day" on one side, and the year on the other.

Father's Day Gifts for the Outdoorsman


Swiss Army Knives for Dad

Whether your father is a DIY expert, a tinkerer, a fisherman or an executive, there's a Swiss Army Knife for him. You can add custom engraving to any Swiss Army Knife in our store. To help narrow down the literally hundreds of Swiss Army Father's Day Gift options in our shop, we've listed a few of our favorites below.

Swiss Knife Shop offers some exclusive knives perfect for Father's Day in particular, including the Best Dad Tinker and the Best Dad Classic SD, both of which say "Best Dad Ever," and have room for engraving, as well. These make the perfect Father's Day gift from daughters or sons.


Best Dad Ever Swiss Army Knives


For the father who enjoys the outdoors, we offer several unique Father's Day gifts. The newest, a great gift for the fisherman, is the "Beary Good Catch" Fisherman Swiss Army Knife, which is equipped with fishing essentials, such as a fish de-scaler. This knife, a Swiss Knife Shop exclusive, features a brown bear enjoying a day at his favorite fishing hole. The Bear Necessities Camper is its companion, with the same brown bear at a campsite roasting the perfect marshmallow.

Bear Necessities and Beary Good Catch Exclusive Swiss Army Knives

The Baseball Tinkeror Baseball Classic SD is an ideal gift for the dad who enjoys a good game of baseball - either on the field as a player or little league baseball coach, or from the couch as an enthusiastic fan of his local MLB team. This Swiss Knife Shop exclusive, designed to look like a baseball, also has room for initials or other engraving.

For the father who has it all and does it all, the bestselling SwissChamp Swiss Army Knife makes an impressive and useful gift. The SwissChamp, packed with tools, is available with a variety of handles - from the iconic Swiss Army red to hardwood or an American flag pattern.

Leatherman Tools for Dad

For house projects large or small, or camping trips with the family, a Leatherman Tool is a Father's Day gift that will get a workout throughout the year.

The Leatherman Sidekick, an everyday carry that is aptly named, will be by Dad's side day-in and day-out. Packed with 14 functions, the Sidekick can do everything from pry a nail out of a board to saw a small branch or pop to top off his favorite cold beverage. As with all Leatherman tools, add Dad's name or other custom text to make this Sidekick uniquely his, and make sure no one can snag it and claim it as their own.

If Dad gets out to the woods to camp at every opportunity, the Leatherman Signal is a unique Father's Day gift he'll add to his camping gear essentials. The Signal, a one-of-a-kind multi-tool, adds a fire starter rod and safety whistle to the already-robust standard Leatherman tool line-up. The Signal will replace several other pieces of Dad's gear and is well suited for anything from car camping to backpacking.

Another all-around multi-tasker is the Leatherman Wave Plus. One of Leatherman's bestsellers, this tool is 17-in-1 and has a feature for anything thrown Dad's way - from bike repair to stopping that annoying drip.

Leatherman Sidekick for Father's Day

Boker Knives for Dad

If your father or grandfather prefers a classic pocket knife for his everyday carry, Boker knives fit the bill. All Boker knives at Swiss Knife Shop are made in Solingen, Germany, the renowned city of steel. 

The Boker Jigged Brown TS Congress Knife is a Boker mainstay for a reason. This bestseller is sleek, classic and light. The jigged brown bone handles give this knife a good grip and a striking look. Add up to 8 characters to the blade, and your Father's Day gift shopping is in the bag.

For the father who has it all, the Boker Trapper Plum Wood Folding Knife is a useful conversation-piece Dad will treasure. This elegant knife is fully hand-crafted and features handles made of local German plum wood and a non-stainless carbon steel blade that is as useful as it is beautiful.

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