Engraved Graduation Gifts from Swiss Knife Shop to Personally Congratulate Your Graduate

Graduation Gift Guide

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Prepare your graduate for college life or the working world with a personalized gift that isn't just memorable, but is also useful for their new adventures.

Genuine Swiss Army Knives

The Congrats Classic SD, which can be custom engraved with initials or a graduation year, is an ideal keychain companion, featuring everyday essentials such as a small blade, scissors, a toothpick, tweezers and more. Perfect for clipping a stray thread before the big interview, or filing a hangnail on the go.

Other Swiss Army knives such as the SwissChamp or the Spartan Lite pack in more features, but can still be easily carried in your graduate's pocket, always at the ready to open a moving box or a can of soup, or tighten their glasses. These indispensable tools can, of course, be custom engraved to commemorate the big graduation day.

Leatherman Tools

For the handy college freshman or the new apartment dweller, the Leatherman Sidekick and the Leatherman Rebar are great tools that are very functional. These multi-tool boxes include everything from pliers to wood saws and screwdrivers, making setting up a dorm room or apartment much easier.

Made in the USA, Leatherman Tools carry a 25 year warranty, so they will last long past the first apartment. Add a name, school name or graduation year to either of these multi-taskers.

KeySmart Key Holder

Do you have a graduate who misplaces things? A KeySmart Pro Key Holder will help keep them organized once they're on their own. This clever key holder not only keeps keys tidy, but also has a built in Tile tracker, which will show your grad the location of their keys on a map on their phone using a free app. As a bonus, the KeySmart Pro can also ping their phone, in case it gets buried under their science notes or the couch cushions.

Award-winning, Affordable Kitchen Knives

A few quality kitchen knives are essential in settling in to a first home or dorm. A chef's knife, paring knife and cutting board can go a long way toward curbing the need for takeout or subsisting on instant noodles.

While quality knives can easily break the bank, Victorinox Swiss Classic Kitchen Knives, with paring knives starting at around just $6 and the all-important chef's knife ringing in at under $50, are a very affordable alternative. These knives are made in Switzerland by Victorinox, makers of the Original Swiss Army Knife, so you know they're going to be great.

Each knife features an ergonomic, food safety-certified handle and a razor-sharp blade that will hold its edge, even when wielded by a newcomer to the cooking scene.

Despite their low price point, Swiss Classic knives have won best-in-show in multiple food publications, even when pitted against much more expensive competitors.

Pair a knife or two with an Epicurean cutting board, and you have a fantastic graduation gift that will get used every day, and won't cost a fortune. Add custom engraving, and make it even more personal.

Quality Grooming Gear

When college is over and it's time to get ready for interviews or wake up each day and look respectable for work, it may be time to move beyond the disposable razors to a shaving brush and safety razor.

A shaving kit or nail clippers could be just what your graduate needs to keep looking dapper and move up in the world.

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