Victorinox Venture Pro Fixed-blade Knife

Victorinox Venture Pro Fixed-blade Knife

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Victorinox Venture Pro Fixed-blade Knife

Victorinox Venture Pro Fixed-blade Knife


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  • Description
  • The Venture Pro fixed-blade knife, made in Switzerland by Victorinox, is a rugged tool packed with thoughtful features ideal for the great outdoors. Built for durability and reliability, the Venture Pro is designed for carving, cutting, food preparation, camping, bushcrafting and other wilderness adventures.

    This knife features a 4.13-inch full-tang blade constructed from strong 14C28N stainless steel hardened to 59 HRC. It has a drop point, providing a fine tip for precise work such as carving, but is still robust enough for tougher cutting tasks. The spine of the blade has a sharp 90-degree angle, allowing for fire ignition when using the spine in conjunction with a fire steel and tinder. Grooves, or jimping, on the front end of the blade provide control when making precise cuts.

    The Venture Pro's protruding tang is sharpened to a 90-degree edge for scraping (wood) smashing (nuts and seeds), hammering and crushing. The tang's hex hole is the perfect lanyard hole for increased safety and comfort, and can alternatively accommodate the flat drill that is part of the Venture Pro Kit (sold separately).

    The non-slip handle of the Venture Pro is made from a polymer (TPE), and is extremely durable. It has an ergonomic shape and a thumb rest for comfort and control, even with extensive use and specialized carving techniques such as the pinch-grip or power cut. There is a bow drill divot integrated into the center of one side of the knife handle, allowing you to safely ignite a fire using the fire bow drill technique.

    Profiled lines indicate the Venture handle's "Powerzones," or areas where the strongest force can be applied for the toughest work. The handle's subtle embossed pattern created from the Victorinox logo functions to add texture for secure grip, even in wet or cold conditions.

    The Venture Knife comes with a sheath to cover and store the blade, a MOLLE-compatible belt carry loop, and carrying system.

    The Venture's sheath is symmetrical, so the blade can be inserted in either direction, making it equally easy to use right or left-handed. Holes in the bottom of the sheath serve two functions: as drainage holes to allow the knife blade to dry after use; and as blow holes, making the sheath an effective fire making blow tube.

    A sturdy webbed belt carry loop secures the Venture to your belt, and is also MOLLE compatible. An integrated elastic ring at the top of this loop secures the top of your knife to prevent sipping and shifting.

    The carrying system houses tweezers, a ballpoint pen and a fire steel. The sheath clicks into this carrying system, which is compatible with both MOLLE and Tek-Lok carry systems.

    Engraving: Up to 6 characters can be laser engraved on the blade of the Venture Pro Knife.

    Victorinox Venture Pro Large Fixed-blade Knife Features:

    • 4.13-inch Stainless Steel Blade
    • Bow Drill Divot Integrated into the Handle
    • Protruding Tang with Hex and Lanyard Hole
    • Tweezers
    • Ballpoint Pen
    • Fire Steel
    • Sheath with Fire Making Blow Tube Capabilities
    • Belt Carry Loop (MOLLE Compatible)
    • Carrying System (Compatible with Tek-Lok and MOLLE)

    Length (Overall):
    Weight: 7.8 ounces

    Made in Switzerland • Lifetime Warranty

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