Knife Aid Professional Knife Sharpening by Mail, 5 Knives

Knife Aid Professional Knife Sharpening by Mail, 5 Knives

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Knife Aid Professional Knife Sharpening by Mail, 5 Knives

Knife Aid Professional Knife Sharpening by Mail, 5 Knives


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  • Knife Aid Professional Mail-in Knife Sharpening is a service that will make your knives sharper than the day you bought them, guaranteed. This fast, easy to use, secure service will provide your knife blades with professional TLC, preserving their value for years to come. The Knife Aid team of craftspeople have exceptional skill and attention to detail.

    Features of the Knife Aid Professional Knife Sharpening Kit:

    • Includes Sharpening for Up to 5 Blades
    • Envelope is Prepaid, Insured and Trackable
    • Can Sharpen Kitchen Knives, Swiss Army Knives, Multi-tool Blades, Pocket Knife Blades, Scissors, etc. (Including Serrated Blades)
    • Knife Aid Professional Sharpeners Sharpen Each Knife by Hand to the Ideal Blade Angle for that Particular Knife
    • Satisfaction Guaranteed. Not 100% Happy? Knife Aid Will Resharpen Your Knives for Free

    How does it work?

    When you purchase Knife Aid Sharpening for 5 Knives, Swiss Knife Shop will send you a postage paid, insured, and trackable envelope that contains blade covers and complete instructions. You will then register your knives on the Knife Aid website, package up the 5 knives you'd like to have sharpened, and drop the envelope in the mail. The Knife Aid team of professional knife sharpeners will sharpen each blade by hand and then ship them back to you at the address of your choosing.

    How long does it take?

    Once Knife Aid receives your envelope, they will sharpen your knives and get them back in transit within 24 hours. You should be reunited with your knives within a week of Knife Aid receiving your envelope.

    What kind of knives can Knife Aid sharpen? Can they sharpen Swiss Army Knives and multi-tool blades?

    Knife Aid will sharpen any brand of knife and virtually any type knife or pair of scissors, including everything from standard kitchen knives to serrated blades, multi-tool blades, Swiss Army Knife blades and pocket knife blades. You can fill the Knife Aid envelope we send you with up to five knives, pocket knives, pairs of scissors, etc. of your choosing.

    My blade is chipped. Are knife repairs include?

    Minor knife repairs are included as part of the service. Large repairs cost a maximum of $10 per knife. If your knife blade is severely chipped, has a broken tip, has a ceramic blade, needs re-serration, or has a single bevel, there may be an extra service charge, but Knife Aid will contact you upon receipt of your knives if extra services are required.

    Is there anything Knife Aid does NOT sharpen?

    Knife Aid does not sharpen straight razors, haircutting shears, swords and knives longer than 16 inches, mandolines and other blades without handles, pinking shears, daggers or switch blades, tweezers, gardening tools, chisels, double-serrated knives, saw blades and blanks.

    How does Knife Aid sharpen knives?

    As each knife is made of a different material and made for a different purpose, each of your knives will be carefully examined and sharpened with the technique best suited to it. In other words, Knife Aid does not use a one-size-fits-all approach. No matter what is needed, every knife is sharpened by hand by a professional.

    Will my knives be secure?

    Your knives will be kept secure in the prepaid, insured and trackable envelope. Once you receive the envelope from Swiss Knife Shop, register your knives on the Knife Aid website. This ties the envelope to your knives and ensures each sharpened knife is returned to you at the address you supply. Please be sure to register your knives PRIOR to sending them in.

    Why should I get my knives sharpened by professionals?

    The Knife Aid professional sharpeners are skilled at restoring the perfect angle to your blade, and ensuring your knife a long life. Your sharpened knives will glide effortlessly through food, keeping you safe from the slips and accidents a dull knife can cause, preserving the best flavor in your foods, and keeping you from exerting more effort than is necessary when cutting. 

    In addition to achieving your knife's ideal blade angle, professionals also remove as little of the knife's metal as possible with the best results.

    Does Knife Aid sharpen or hone knives? What's the difference?

    Knife Aid will professionally sharpen your knives. This means that the sharpening process will remove blade imperfections and restore the knife's ideal edge angle. (Microscopic amounts of the blade's metal will be removed, leaving behind a perfect clean edge.)

    Honing a knife, which can be done at home easily with a honing steel, simply realigns the microscopic bends in the knife's edge, and can not overcome larger imperfections that inevitably occur over time. While honing should be done frequently, sharpening only needs to be done periodically.

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