Kent Handmade Fine Folding Comb

Kent Handmade Fine Folding Comb

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Kent Handmade Fine Folding Comb

Kent Handmade Fine Folding Comb


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  • The Kent Handmade Fine Folding Comb is a small (approx. 3.5 inches of teeth, 7.8 inches overall) fine toothed folding pocket comb. Kent hand-sawn combs are cut from large sheets of cellulose acetate rather than molded, producing a truly gentle comb. These combs are flexible and strong, and glide through hair without scratching or damaging your hair or scalp. Rounded teeth ensure smoothness and comfort. All Kent Handmade Combs are made in England and have a 1 year manufacturer warranty.

    Kent Handmade Men's Mustache and Beard Comb Features:

    • Hand-sawn from cellulose acetate
    • Flexible and strong
    • Folds for convenience

    Kent Brushes - A Piece of History

    When you purchase a Kent Shaving Brush, you are in good company. One of the oldest established companies in Great Britain, Kent Brushes was founded in 1777 under the reign of George III. Since that time, Kent has been manufacturing brushes of unprecedented quantity in Great Britain. Each Kent brush is made in the Kent factory in Hertfordshire, England.

    Kent Brushes has been granted Royal Warrants (recognizing excellence and selecting them to produce products for the Royal Households) continually for nine reigns - beginning in the 18th century - making it the longest Royal Warrant holder in history.

    Made in England

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