Victorinox SwissChamp XLT Swiss Army Knife

Victorinox SwissChamp XLT Swiss Army Knife

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Victorinox SwissChamp XLT Swiss Army Knife

Victorinox SwissChamp XLT Swiss Army Knife


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The SwissChamp XLT Swiss Army Knife by Victorinox comes equipped with an impressive array of useful tools. With 50 functions this knife is prepared to take on any task. Make this iconic, Swiss-made multi-tool by the makers of the Original Swiss Army Knife your companion for life.

Engraving: Up to 10 characters can be engraved on the shield side of the SwissChamp XLT, and up to 18 characters can be engraved on the back of this item.

Swiss Army SwissChamp XLT Features:

  • Large Blade
  • Small Blade
  • Nail File with Metal File, Nail Cleaner, and Metal Saw
  • Pharmaceutical Spatula
  • Scissors
  • Wood Saw
  • Fish Scaler with Hook Disgorger and Ruler (in inches and centimeters)
  • Pruning Blade
  • Electrician's Blade with Wire Scraper
  • Wrench with:
    - 5mm Female Hex Drive for D-SUB Connectors
    - 4mm Female Hex Drive for the Bits
    - Bit Phillips 0 (Pozidrive)
    - Bit Phillips 1 (Pozidrive)
    - Bit Phillips 2
    - Bit Slotted (4 mm)
    - Bit Hex (4 mm)
    - Bit Torx 8
    - Bit Torx 10
    - Bit Torx 15
  • Pliers with Wire Cutters and Wire Crimping Tool
  • Magnifying Glass
  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • Cap Lifter with 6 mm Screwdriver and Wire Bender
  • Can Opener with Small Screwdriver (3mm)
  • Corkscrew
  • Chisel
  • Universal Hook (also Parcel Carrier)
  • Fine screwdriver (2 mm)
  • Reamer
  • Punch and Sewing Eye
  • Key Ring
  • Tweezers
  • Toothpick
  • Ballpoint Pen also to Set DIP Switches
  • Pin
  • Mini Screwdriver

Length (Closed):
3.6 inches
Thickness: 1.7 inches
Weight: 8.7 ounces

Boxed • Swiss-made • Lifetime Warranty
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