Orbitkey Clip

Orbitkey Clip

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Orbitkey Clip

Orbitkey Clip


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  • Clip your belongings anywhere... Securely.

    The Orbitkey Clip is an elegant, user-friendly way to keep your keys close at hand and easy to grab while still out of the way. The smooth carabiner with a large opening allows you to attach the Clip to your belt loop or bag strap for easy access. This streamlined keyring clip has a simple, elegant construction to avoid unnecessary bulk.

    Attach your keys to the Orbitkey Clip with the included Orbitkey Ring, an elegant reinvention of the age-old keyring. This clever ring is easy to use, and makes attaching and detaching keys effortless, without sacrificing security. Put and end to the broken nails and searches for sharp objects required to pry open traditional key rings!

    To use the Orbitkey Ring, pinch, pull down and rotate to unlock the locking mechanism. Once the openings of the external ring and the polymer core align, simply slide your keys on or off. Accidental unlocking is prevented with the locking mechanism.

    This keyring is thin and durable, made from high strength stainless steel on the exterior, and a rugged, flexible polymer core. Use the Orbitkey ring to share keys with others, or to slim down to just the essentials when you don't need all of your keys weighing you down.

    This ring and clip system pairs well with the Orbitkey organizer, and makes it easy to pair or detach your car or other key from the organizer.

    Engraving: Up to 3 characters can be custom engraved on the metal bar surrounding the leather strap of the Orbitkey Clip.

    Orbitkey Clip Features:

    • User-friendly with a smooth surface and large opening to make the carabiner clip virtually universal
    • Included Orbitkey Ring provides easy access to each key for sharing or paring down to the essentials
    • Orbitkey Ring features a secure locking mechanism to keep keys safe
    • Slim and lighweight
    • Durable high-strength stainless steel, genuine leather and strong polymer

    Clip Interior Diameter (Width)
    : 7/8 inch
    Clip Interior Diameter (Height): 1.5 inches
    Clip Capacity: The Clip can safely and comfortably carry up to 8 pounds of weight
    Strap Length: 1.5 inches

    Orbitkey Ring Capacity:
    Up to 10 keys of a standard 2 mm thickness
    Ring Thickness: 1/8 inch
    Ring Interior Diameter: 1 inch
    Ring Hole Diameter: Holds any key or accessory with a hole diameter of greater than 3.6 mm

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