Kyocera Horizontal Ceramic Y Peeler

Kyocera Horizontal Ceramic Y Peeler

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Kyocera Horizontal Ceramic Y Peeler

Kyocera Horizontal Ceramic Y Peeler


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  • The Kyocera Horizontal Ceramic Y Peeler features a razor-sharp, diamond-hard, rust-proof peeler blade and a colorful ergonomic handle. The ceramic blade, made from Kyocera's proprietary Japanese ceramic, is inert, and will not discolor food or alter its taste. In addition, the blade it will never rust, corrode or pit. Two eye-corers make it easy to remove imperfections and potato eyes.

    This unique peeler is dishwasher safe.

    Features of the Kyocera Horizontal Ceramic Y Peeler:

    • Ceramic blade that will not rust, corrode or pit
    • Ergonomic handle
    • Two eye-corers
    • Dishwasher safe

    The Ceramic Advantage

    Sharp: Kyocera ultra-sharp advanced ceramic blades and grinding mechanisms will retain their original sharpness up to 15 times longer than steel.

    Inert: Kyocera ceramic is rust-proof. In addition, it is completely inert, so it will never brown foods and is impervious to acids and oils.

    Lightweight: Ceramic blades and grinders are typically half the weight of their steel counterparts, making them easier to use over time.

    Easy to Clean: Kyocera Advanced Ceramic does not absorb oils, flavors or colors from food, making it easy to rinse clean and wipe dry.

    The Kyocera Advantage
    Crafted in Japan, Zirconia 206 is Kyocera's proprietary advanced ceramic. This one-of-a-kind advanced ceramic material has very dense particles and extremely tight molecules, which leave minimal voids. This translates into a stronger, denser blade that holds an edge longer than other ceramics. The thinner blade on a Kyocera Advanced Ceramic peeler means minimal resistance. Clean, precise, less-intrusive cuts, using less pressure, are what make the Kyocera ceramic peeler so unique.

    The elements of Kyocera's advanced ceramic are formed in nature through thousands of years of crystallization, extreme temperatures, and literally tons of pressure. The result is a pure, dense, unrelenting material that is 50% harder than steel and second only to diamond in hardness.

    Lifetime Warranty • Made in Japan

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