LEA Classic Shaving Soap in Wooden Bowl

LEA Classic Shaving Soap in Wooden Bowl

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LEA Classic Shaving Soap in Wooden Bowl

LEA Classic Shaving Soap in Wooden Bowl


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  • LEA Classic Shaving Soap is crafted with glycerin, lanolin, bisabolol and menthol for a smooth, cooling shave. The rich lather is extremely protective, allowing your razor to glide over your skin without creating nicks and cuts, and is ideal for those with sensitive skin. Both the recipe and the packaging of this Classic Shaving Soap are a throwback to the 1930s, when LEA first introduced this popular soap.

    LEA Classic Shaving Soap has a unique, masculine scent of sandalwood and oakmoss enhance the shaving experience. It comes in a beautiful, hand-turned wooden bowl so that you can lather up again and again without losing any precious foam. Refillable.

    Features of LEA Classic Shaving Soap:

    • Refillable, hand-turned wooden bowl
    • Glycerin, lanolin, menthol, and bisabolol add conditioning, nourishing, protecting, and toning properties
    • Scented with sandalwood and moss
    • Packaged in a hand-turned wooden bowl to use time and time again
    • Dermatologically tested
    • Great for those with sensitive skin
    • Reformulated 1930s recipe and packaging from the company archives
    • ISO Certified for environmental sustainability
    • No animal testing
    • Made in Spain

    3.5 oz.

    About LEA
    Since 1823, LEA of Spain has been crafting high quality shaving soaps and creams. All LEA products are ISO certified for environmental sustainability, and are never tested on animals.

    Made in Spain

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