Kent Pure Badger Black Travel Shaving Brush

Kent Pure Badger Black Travel Shaving Brush

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Kent Pure Badger Black Travel Shaving Brush

Kent Pure Badger Black Travel Shaving Brush


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  • The Kent Pure Badger Black Travel Shaving Brush is a modern travel shaving brush with genuine pure badger bristles and an anodized aluminum handle which stores the brush inside for clean and convenient travel. When closed, the contemporary black handle conceals the brush head within. At shaving time, simply unscrew the brush head, pull it out of the handle, and reattach it with the bristles out (using the same threads). This shaving brush comes in an elegant black and white presentation box. All Kent Brushes are made in England and have a 1 year manufacturer warranty.

    Kent Pure Grey Badger Black Travel Shaving Brush Features:

    • Pure Badger Bristles for Thick Lather
    • Anodized Aluminum Handle / Storage
    • Elegant Black Label Box

    Why Choose Pure Badger Bristles?

    Badger hair bristles are ideal for wet shaving. They retain water more effectively than other natural or synthetic materials. They are also very soft on the face and quite durable. "Pure Badger" bristles are the most common bristles on a badgers body, and pure badger shaving brushes are, therefore, typically less expensive than best badger brushes, while providing many of the same benefits such as ideal water retention to form a thick lather for a close, comfortable shave.

    Why Shave with a Brush?
    Shaving brushes provide several advantages that result in a clean, close, comfortable shave. When a shaving brush with soap or shaving cream is rubbed across the face with a gentle circular motion, the bristles of the brush gently lift and soften facial hair, allowing a gentler stroke of the razor. This also works to gently exfoliate the face. As a shaving brush retains water in its bristles, it also creates a rich, thick lather of shaving soap or shaving cream, which results in a smoother shave as the razor does not drag or skip.

    Kent Brushes - A Piece of History
    When you purchase a Kent Shaving Brush, you are in good company. One of the oldest established companies in Great Britain, Kent Brushes was founded in 1777 under the reign of George III. Since that time, Kent has been manufacturing brushes of unprecedented quantity in Great Britain. Each Kent brush is made in the Kent factory in Hertfordshire, England.

    Kent Brushes has been granted Royal Warrants (recognizing excellence and selecting them to produce products for the Royal Households) continually for nine reigns - beginning in the 18th century - making it the longest Royal Warrant holder in history.

    In a top-secret operation during WWII, Kent made shaving brushes outfitted to conceal maps and compasses for forwarding to overseas British prisoners of war to enable the prisoners to find their way home in event of escape. This work was carried out in a locked and windowless room in the Kent factory.

    Made in England

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