Dovo Shavette, Silver with Black Handle

Dovo Shavette, Silver with Black Handle

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Dovo Shavette, Silver with Black Handle

Dovo Shavette, Silver with Black Handle


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  • Description
  • The Dovo Silver Shavette with a Black Handle is the perfect economical way to get started with straight razor shaving. It is light and ideal for home use and for barber shops alike.

    The shavette, invented by Dovo over 30 years ago, is unique in that it can hold two different lengths of disposable blades.

    One insert holds a standard double edge blade, which is snapped in half, thereby doubling its economy. This insert is the best choice for edging and detailing beards and mustaches, hairlines, around the nose, etc.

    The second holds a longer double edge blade, which has a serrated plastic edge for more aggressive shaving. The serrated edge allows the blade to get safely closer to the skin's surface. A good choice for more experienced shavette users.

    The shavette is made from high-quality anodized aluminum. The anodization process alters the top layer of the metal, adding to its corrosion-resistance and giving it an elegant look.

    The handle is made from a thermoplastic substance know for its strength and chemical resistance.


    Feature of the Dovo Shavette:

    • Holds 2 different lengths of disposable razor blades
    • Made from high-quality anodized aluminum that is elegant and corrosion-resistant
    • Strong black polyamide thermoplastic handle 
    • A close straight razor shave without the need for honing and stropping
    • Made in Germany

    About Dovo
    DOVO was founded in 1904 in Solingen, Germany and upholds the Solingen reputation by producing shaving tools of the finest quality. Combining precision engineering, superior materials and meticulous craftsmanship, DOVO products have been built to withstand the test of time and deliver years of unmatched service.

    Made in Solingen, Germany

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