CleanKey Brass Tool by KeySmart

CleanKey Brass Tool by KeySmart

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CleanKey Brass Tool by KeySmart

CleanKey Brass Tool by KeySmart


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  • The KeySmart CleanKey Brass Tool is a safe way to avoid touching contaminated surfaces - from door handles to elevator buttons and touch screens. This clever ergonomic tool, which fits onto your keyring, can key in your ATM PIN, pull open door handles, press the elevator button for your floor, act as a stylus on touch screens, and more.

    This versatile tool reduces point-of-contact area drastically, limiting your unnecessary exposure to and transmission of germs.

    Made with a premium copper alloy that is over 60% copper, the CleanKey is very easy to disinfect with wipes or steel wool. Due to its copper content over time, the CleanKey will develop a classic darker patina. 

    This solid tool is rugged enough to pull open doors, and compact enough to fit in your pocket or bag.

    Length: 3.75 inches
    Weight: 2 ounces

    Engraving: Up to 16 characters can be laser engraved on the CleanKey Brass Tool, on the opposite side of the KeySmart logo.

    Features of the CleanKey Tool:

    • Brass tool machined from premium copper alloy
    • Keeps your fingers away from dirty buttons at ATMs and checkout counters
    • Works on all touchscreens
    • Features a stylus tip
    • Pulls or pushes open door handles touch-free
    • Attaches to your key ring

    NOTE: KeySmart Key Holder Sold Separately

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