Boker Edelweiss 5/8-inch Straight Razor

Boker Edelweiss 5/8-inch Straight Razor

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Boker Edelweiss 5/8-inch Straight Razor

Boker Edelweiss 5/8-inch Straight Razor


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In production since the 1920's, the Boker Edelweiss 5/8-inch Straight Razor is as elegant as it is effective. It is exceptionally easy to handle and produces excellent results.

The non-stainless steel blade is hand made in Germany from top-of-the-line Solingen razor steel. Its elaborately designed etching adds to the look of this piece.

The forged blade has a traditional extra-hollow grind with a belly. The belly provides strength to the otherwise exceptionally thin and sharp blade, resulting in the best possible shave. Serrations on both sides of the blade's tang provide a secure grip.

The Edelweiss Straight Razor has handles made from a high quality, moisture resistant synthetic that is inlaid with the nickel silver word "Edelweiss" and polished by hand. A third decorative pin gives the handle additional stability.

The 5/8-inch blade width of this razor is the most common, and glides over the skin steadily, taking on more soap and beard hairs before needing to be wiped. The round head of this razor makes it easy to handle and suitable for even beginners.

In tribute to its longstanding place in Boker's catalog, the Edelweiss comes in historic packaging, and includes a certificate of authenticity.

Features of the Boker Edelweiss 5/8-inch Straight Razor:

  • Non-stainless Steel Blade Forged for the Optimal Combination of Edge Retention and Elasticity
  • Round Head for Easy Handling
  • 5/8-inch Blade Width
  • Traditional Edelweiss Blade Etching and Handle Inlay
  • Moisture Resistant Synthetic Handles
  • 100% Made in Solingen, Germany
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