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NEW! Daily Customs German-made handles make your favorite Swiss Army Knife one-of-a-kind.

Avoid Contaminated Surfaces! 
The CleanKey by KeySmart keeps your fingers clear of elevator buttons, touch screens, door handles & more.

The 33-function SwissChamp Swiss Army Knife by Victorinox is truly a portable, pocket-sized tool box. Packed with everything from pliers to a fish scaler, from a magnifying glass to multiple blades, the SwissChamp has it all, yet still fits easily in your hand and your pocket. This bestselling pocket knife is the perfect tool for everyday adventures, and more ambitious escapes. Every SwissChamp is made in Switzerland by Victorinox, makers of the original Swiss Army knife.

SwissChamp Swiss Army Knife by Victorinox $87.99
US Flag SwissChamp Exclusive Swiss Army Knife $89.50
Swiss Army SwissChamp SOS Set $179.99
Wounded Warrior Project Hardwood SwissChamp Swiss Army Knife $109.99

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