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Swiss Army Knife Sizes and Functions

Victorinox Swiss Army Knives range in size from the keychain-sized 2.28 inch models such as the bestselling Classic SD to the 5.1 inch RangerGrip lockblade Swiss Army Knives.

Perhaps the most popular size is the medium-sized 3.58 inch models such as the Huntsman or the Swiss Champ Swiss Army Knife.

There are over 80 possible functions on a Swiss Army Knife, depending on the size and the model. The Swiss Knife Shop Tool Finder filters on our collection pages will help you find a knife with the tools you want.

The size of a Swiss Army Knife is determined by measuring the handle from one end to the other with all of the tools folded in.

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Keychain Sized Pocket Knives

The bestselling Victorinox Swiss Army Knife of all time is the Classic SD. This tiny pocket tool is only 2.28 inches (58 mm), and fits easily onto your keychain or into your pocket. Despite its small size, however, the Classic SD features a blade, nail file, screwdriver, scissors, a toothpick, tweezers, and a key ring.

Other Swiss Army Knives of this small size include the Manager, Signature, Rambler and MiniChamp.

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Medium Sized Pocket Knives

Perhaps the most iconic size for a Swiss Army Knife is 3.58 inches (91 mm). Bestsellers in the medium category include the Spartan, the Climber, The SwissChamp and the Fieldmaster, and range widely in the number of functions included.

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Lockblade Swiss Army Knives

While not all Swiss Army Knives have locking blades, there are a few sizes of Swiss Army Knife that commonly do have this feature.

The most traditional Swiss Army Knife lockblade size is 4.37 inches. The larger 5.1 inch RangerGrip line of knives also has locking blades.

The 5.1 inch Hunter Pro and Evoke Collection Knives also feature locking blades.

On the smaller side, some of the 3.34 inch knives with the ergonomic handles also have a locking main blade. Any of the knives of this size with a lockblade will have an S in the model number (eg. S557). In this case, "S" is short for locking in German, or "sperren".

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The Largest Swiss Army Knife

For years, the biggest Swiss Army Knife (measured by the thickness from scale to scale, rather than by length) was the Wenger Giant, which included every function made by Wenger Swiss Army.

As Wenger no longer manufactures Swiss Army Knives and the Giant has been retired, the Swiss Army Knife that currently holds the title for largest is the Victorinox SwissChamp XXL, with its 73 tools.

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