Daily Customs Swiss Army Knife Handle Installation Instructions

Daily Customs German-made Swiss Army Knife replacement handles transform your standard everyday carry into a unique collectible that's up for any task. They can be installed easily with an adhesive (such as 2-part epoxy) and a pair of clamps.

A Few Notes Before You Begin:

  • Modifying your Swiss Army Knife in any way, including installing Daily Customs handles, may void the manufacturer warranty.
  • Model 91.2 and 58.2 scales do NOT include slots for toothpick or tweezers. Model 91.2+ and 58.2+ scales DO have this feature.
  • These handles can be applied to Swiss Army Knives which originally had plastic handles. Victorinox Alox handles can not be removed and replaced.
Installation Tools for Daily Customs Handles for your Swiss Army Knife Applying Epoxy to Daily Customs Handles Daily Customs Handles Clamped on Swiss Army Knife


What You'll Need:

How to Apply Daily Customs Scales to Your Swiss Army Knife

  1. Remove the pen, tweezers, toothpick, and any other tools from the original handles of your Swiss Army Knife.
  2. Use a sharp object to carefully lever the plastic scales off of your Swiss Army Knife. 
  3. Clean the surface of your knife with a fat-soluble detergent, and let it dry completely. For best results, lightly sand the surface to give the adhesive more purchase.
  4. Double-check to ensure the Daily Customs scales fit snugly. When applying pressure, there should not be any clearance. If you have 91.2+ or 58.2+ DC scales, ensure the toothpick and tweezers fit into the recesses as expected.
  5. Screw the enclosed screws into the threaded holes on the back of the DC scale.
  6. Carefully apply adhesive on the inside of the DC scales, avoiding the slots for the toothpick, pen and tweezers if you have the 91.2+ or 58.2+ model.
  7. Press your Swiss Army Knife onto the Daily Customs scales.
  8. Clamp the scales in place to ensure light, constant pressure.
  9. Keep your knife and scales clamped until the adhesive is completely dry. We suggest waiting longer than recommended by the adhesive's manufacturer.
  10. If you have used the Loctite 2-Part Epoxy suggested, you can remove any that has squeezed out from between the handle and the knife once it has dried.
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