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Protect Your Swiss Army Knife with a Victorinox Pouch

The best way to keep your Swiss Army Knife safely and conveniently at hand is with an official Victorinox Swiss Army Knife pouch or sheath.

To find the perfect pouch for your Swiss Army Knife, first determine the model of knife. Next, visit that knife's product page on our site at Swiss Knife Shop and browse the pouches on the Accessories tab. All pouches on your knife's accessories page will be compatible.

Find the Perfect Pouch for your Swiss Army Knife

Swiss Army Knife Replacement Parts

With years of wear and tear, it is common for some of the removable parts of your Swiss Army Knife to wear down or simply get lost. Fortunately, Swiss Knife Shop offers a complete collection of Swiss Army Knife replacement parts such as toothpicks, tweezers, scissor springs, scissor springs and more.

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Swiss Army Knife Accessories

Make your multi-tasking Swiss Army Knife even more versatile with the addition of an accessory or two. Add a mini-screwdriver to transform your pocket knife's corkscrew into a screwdriver, or check out the FireAnt mini fire starters.

A Clip and Carry pocket clip can keep your Swiss Army Knife conveniently attached to your pocket or your bag.

The possibilities are endless!

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Swiss Army Knife Books

Learn more about how to make the most of your Swiss Army Knife in the great outdoors, or delve into the history of the Swiss Army Knife with our collection of books featuring Swiss Army Knives.

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Swiss Army Knife Repairs

If the part or accessory you need replaced or repaired is not in our store, please visit our Swiss Army Knife Repairs page (link in our footer) for details on how to get the handle scales replaced and more.

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