A History of Excellence
The history of the ZWILLING J.A. HENCKELS brand starts on June 13, 1731 (under the Gemini star sign). It was on that day that knife-maker Peter Henckels from Solingen registered the "Twin" symbol as his trademark with the Cutlers┬┤ Guild of Solingen. This symbol which is now well-known all over the world, is one of the oldest trademarks in the world. Today┬┤s name - ZWILLING J.A. HENCKELS - was given to the Company by a descendant of Peter Henckels, Johann Abraham Henckels.

A Tradition of Commitment to Customers
ZWILLING J.A. HENCKELS is a modern company which, in its long tradition, has always used innovative technology to manufacture products and services of the highest quality. ZWILLING J.A. HENCKELS has consistently set out to supply its customers with the best possible products and services. Based on this commitment, Peter Henckels established his company more than 270 years ago.

Forged Quality for the Home or Professional Kitchen
Each Zwilling J.A. Henckels Twin knife is forged in Germany from stainless steel that has an ideal balance of chromium and carbon content - giving it the right combination of strength and flexibility. Blades are forged with the patented SIGMAFORGE process, which achieves perfect geometry, high precision and improved stability, forging the entire blade and tang from one piece of this steel.

The blades of all FRIODUR Henckels knives have been ice-hardened to enhance their quality. The result of this patented process is a blade that is especially flexible and resistant to rusting, corrosion, staining and pitting. The blade's tang is a full rat-tail tang, adding to the balance and strength of the piece.

The bolster of the knives provides the right balance, and acts as a finger guard, preventing fingers from slipping onto the blade. It transitions seamlessly to the handle. The handle, which is permanently bonded for seamless accuracy and no gaps, is molded to fit comfortably in your hand. It is hygenic, breakproof, colorfast and food safe.

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