Swiss Army Paracord Bracelet by Victorinox

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Swiss Army Paracord Bracelet by Victorinox

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The Swiss Army Paracord Bracelet by Victorinox is a fashion accessory that won't quit. The cobra-style 9-inch bracelet can be unraveled to provide approximately 9 feet of tough (mil-spec 550) nylon cord capable of supporting up to 550 pounds. Wear this bracelet, and you'll have a clotheseline, a tow rope, spare shoelaces, extra thread, rope for a pulley system, a net and more literally at hand at all times.



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Accessory maybe, Critical Piece of Equipment Absolutely Review by Avid Hiker Northwest Ohio

Wear it on your wrist as a bracelet, stow it in the back pack, or shove it in the gear bag; the important thing is to have some 550lb. rated paracord with you when in the bush. Swiss Army Paracord Bracelet by Victorinox is very well made, stylish cobra wrap and features a loop and "button" type closure. The "button" sports the Victorinox shield and is quite beefy and securely woven into the bracelet; it is not likely that it will break, give, or pull away anytime soon. The cord itself is the right stuff, 550lb military spec. Not the lesser strength 350lb. cord that's out there. Product description lists some uses for the bracelet, but the actual uses are limited only by ones imagination. One thing to be aware of, is that this bracelet is approximately nine inches long, it may not fit larger wrists. This in no way affects the review of the product, bracelet is top quality and if not deployed should last a very long time. One way to avoid disappointment in the fit category would be to measure around wrist first, if there is any question. (Posted on 5/4/2013)

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