Shun Kanso 9" Combination Honing Steel

Shun Kanso 9" Combination Honing Steel

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Shun Kanso 9" Combination Honing Steel

Shun Kanso 9" Combination Honing Steel


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The Shun Kanso 9-inch Combination Honing Steel is designed to gently realign the cutting edge of your Shun cutlery. Each time you use your knife, the cutting edge naturally bends over slightly. While the knife is still sharp, the sharpest edge is no longer making contact with the food. Honing the blade with a honing steel realigns this edge and prolongs the sharpness of the blade.

The Shun Kanso Combination Honing Steel features two surfaces - a smooth side for everyday honing, and a micro-ribbed side for weekly honing. A built-in angle on the handle makes it easy to maintain the correct 16-degree Shun blade angle.

Features of the Shun Kanso 9" Combination Honing Steel:

  • Two honing surfaces - smooth for everyday honing and micro-ribbed for weekly honing
  • 16-degree angle on handle for ease of maintaining the Shun blade angle
  • Traditional design textured TPE handle for excellent grip and balance

Blade Length:
9 inches

A Bit About Shun
Shun kitchen knives are made by KAI Corporation, which has been handcrafting blades in the spirit of the legendary sword smiths of Seki City, Japan for over 100 years. Every Shun knife is handmade by a team of highly skilled specialists. This tradition of Japanese sword-making excellence in Seki City is combined with technology and advanced materials in each Shun knife.

Handcrafted in Seki City, Japan • 10-Year Limited Warranty

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