KeySmart Max Smart Location Tracking Key Holder

KeySmart Max Smart Location Tracking Key Holder

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KeySmart Max Smart Location Tracking Key Holder

KeySmart Max Smart Location Tracking Key Holder


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  • The KeySmart Max Smart Location Tracking Key Holder is the most advanced keychain ever. The Max is a minimalist but tough key holder that tames your unruly tangle of keys and lets you keep tabs on them. Load 1 to 14 keys into the KeySmart Max, and eliminate bulky, noisy, sharp keys. Quickly and easily pull out just the key you need.

    The built-in Tile smart location has 2.5x the bluetooth range of the KeySmart Pro, with a range of 150 feet. It also boasts 2x longer battery life and a 2x louder ringtone.

    The KeySmart Max will give you peace of mind, knowing your keys will never be lost. With the free Tile phone app, you can find your KeySmart Max on a map. You can also use your KeySmart to find your phone. This ingenious key holder keeps a charge for up to 90 days, and can be recharged with the included micro USB cable.

    The KeySmart Max is more than just a smart key holder. Also built in to the shatter and scratch-proof polycarbonate frames of the KeySmart Max is a bright white LED light. To round out the features, a bottle opener accessory and a flat head screwdriver are included. This clever add-on tucks neatly away with your keys when not in use.

    The KeySmart slips easily into your pocket or bag without snagging or scratching. A loop on one end is perfect for attaching your car key fob.

    To load your keys into the KeySmart, simply place the back plate on the table with the posts facing up, stack your keys on the post, put the top plate on, and tighten with a coin. There is no need for fancy tools - just pocket change.

    Included in the KeySmart Max Package:

    • KeySmart Max Key Carrier with Tile Location
    • Polished Loop Piece for Attaching Car Fob
    • Loop Piece with Bottle Opener
    • Micro USB Charging Cable
    • Spacers
    • Set-up Instructions


    Capacity: 1 - 14 keys
    KeySmart Max Length: 3.5 inches without Loop 

    Maximum Key Length: 80 mm

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