Global Classic 5" Chef's Knife 30th Anniversary Edition

Global Classic 5" Chef's Knife 30th Anniversary Edition

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Global Classic 5" Chef's Knife 30th Anniversary Edition

Global Classic 5" Chef's Knife 30th Anniversary Edition


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  • The Global Classic 30th Anniversary Edition 5" Chef's Knife is great for coarse or fine chopping, mincing or dicing virtually any kind of food. The 5-inch Chef's knife is perfect for those who want a smaller, more manageable blade than the traditional 8-inch, without sacrificing function and versatility. Global is celebrating its milestone 30th anniversary with this special run of limited-edition knives, each marked with a commemorative logo.

    Engraving: The blade of the Global Classic 5" Chef's Knife can be custom laser engraved with up to 10 characters.

    All Global Classic Knives are crafted in Japan in a single factory using artisanal techniques and the most modern blade technology. The blades, made of a strong proprietary high carbon stainless steel blend, Chromova 18, are sharpened to a 15 degree angle for incredible precision and a smooth cut. The strength of the unique Global steel makes this incredibly fine, thin point possible, and the value of this edge is evident immediately.

    The handle of each Global Classic knife is filled with Japanese sand perfectly measured to precisely balance the weight of the blade. The signature Global dimple pattern on the ergonomically-shaped handle provides a secure grip for control and precision. The handle is seamlessly joined to the blade, making the knife easy to clean and very hygienic.

    Features of the Global Classic 5" Chef's Knife:

    • Chromova 18 - proprietary high carbon, stain resistant steel blade
    • Dimpled handle for control
    • Seamless construction for hygiene
    • Perfectly balanced handle filled with Japanese sand
    • Ergonomic handle shape
    • 15-degree cutting blade angle

    Blade Length:
    5 inches

    Made in Niigata, Japan • Lifetime Warranty


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