Daily Customs Honeycomb 2D Titanium Handles for 91.2 mm Swiss Army Knives

Daily Customs Honeycomb 2D Titanium Handles for 91.2 mm Swiss Army Knives

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Daily Customs Honeycomb 2D Titanium Handles for 91.2 mm Swiss Army Knives

Daily Customs Honeycomb 2D Titanium Handles for 91.2 mm Swiss Army Knives


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  • Daily Customs 91.2 Honeycomb 2D Titanium Handles provide a stunning upgrade for any Victorinox 91.2 mm (3.5-inch) Swiss Army Knife, turning it into a beautiful collector's item. These rugged handles are both elegant and practical, providing a unique customization for your everyday-carry.

    These titanium handles are made of bead-blasted titanium, and each one is unique. The front handle has a honeycomb pattern, while the back is smooth titanium.

    Three threaded holes on the back scale allows for the addition of a pocket clip (sold separately) and are designed to hold not only the Daily Customs clips, but also many other popular 3-hole pattern manufacturers' clips. If you wish to skip the clip, there are screws available to fill these holes.

    To attach these handles to your favorite Swiss Army knife, simply remove the plastic handles that come standard on most Swiss Army knives, and affix the Daily Customs handles with 2-part epoxy (sold separately).

    For installation details, please read our complete installation guide here. >

    Daily Customs is based in Hamburg, Germany. Each set of scales is CNC-milled, finished, packed and shipped from their Hamburg factory, and is therefore proudly  100% made in Germany.

    Features of Daily Customs 91.2 Honeycomb 2D Titanium Handles:

    • Replace the standard red handles of virtually any 91.2 mm Swiss Army Knife, making it a practical showpiece
    • Honeycomb 2-dimensional pattern on the front side, and smooth titanium on the back
    • Easily affixed with adhesive such as 2-part epoxy (sold separately)
    • Includes front and back handles, set of 3 stainless steel screws, and a certificate of authenticity
    • Holes on the back side for optional pocket clip (sold separately)
    • CND-milled from bead blasted titanium in Hamburg, Germany


    *The 91.2 models such as these do NOT accommodate toothpick or tweezers. Please opt for the 91.2+ models if you wish to include these tools.

    *These handles can replace original Victorinox plastic handles, but can NOT replace Alox handles, as original Victorinox Alox handles are not removable.

    *Altering a Victorinox Swiss Army Knife in any way, including the addition of Daily Customs handles may void the manufacturer warranty.

      Weight (for set): 1.3 ounces
      Length: 91 mm (3.583-inches)
      Width: 20 mm (0.787-inches)
      Height (per handle): 3 mm (0.118-inches)

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