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LED Lenser Energy Tank
Energy Tank is a measure of how efficiently a flashlight uses battery power. In other words, it is a measure of the output of all batteries in a light, and how long those batteries last. Energy Tank is measured in Watt hours. The higher the Energy Tank number, the more efficient the light.

Think of Energy Tank as the gas tank - how large it is. Think of batteries as the gas in the tank - the grade of gasoline. The engine, in this case the light, determines how efficiently you use that gas and how long it will last. LED Lenser lights have the best "engines" on the market. They are manufactured to be brighter and with longer run times with the same or lower cost batteries (at the time of delivery to the consumer) than the competition.

LED Lenser Patented Advanced Focus System

The LED Lenser Advanced Focus System is a patented optics system that combines the light-quality of a lens with the power of a reflector to produce a circular, homogenous light pattern indicative of a lens, while eliminating the loss of light over long distances that goes along with reflectors which, by themselves, would create "rings" and "holes" in the light. The even, far-reaching, efficient beam of light produced by the LED Lenser Advanced Focus System creates an even, full-coverage beam of light that can reach long distances.

LED Lenser Rapid Focus - Quick, One-Handed Focus
Rapid Focus System by LED Lenser

The LED Lenser Rapid Focus System, incorporated into many LED Lenser models, is a telescoping head which changes the distance between the LED and the optic, thus changing the beam from a spot beam to a flood beam. One-handed operation makes this process much quicker than the traditional two-hand, twist-style focusing operation.


LED Lenser Modular Design - Less Waste
The LED Lenser Modular System Design allows for the replacement or repair of individual sections of each flashlight, as needed, making it easier, faster and better for the environment to repair and maintain LED Lenser lights under the 5 year warranty. In addition, this design has fewer points of contact than most lights, resulting in fewer chances for system failure.

LED Lenser Modular System Design

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