Why Choose FELCO Pruning Products?

With 65 years of unsurpassed quality, FELCO is a world-class provider of professional pruning and cutting products, renown for being sharp, durable, and adjustable while easy to use and maintain. Among other qualities, customers taut the following FELCO product advantages:

FELCO’s easy-to-use ergonomic shape

  • FELCO tools are ergonomically shaped for easy, comfortable, and effortless use.
  • The handles' plastic covering makes handling the pruning shears and cutters both pleasant and easy.
  • The angled cutting head on some pruning shears extends the access of the forearm, thus increasing user comfort.
  • The cushion and shock-absorber on pruning shears reduce the impact at the end of cutting, thus protecting hand and wrist.
  • The revolving handle fitted to certain pruning shears spreads the muscular effort over all five fingers and reduces the effort of cutting by 30%, thus preventing risks of tendonitis and inflammation.

FELCO’s unbeatable quality and reliability

  • Forged aluminum alloy gives the handles resistance and thus makes the tools last longer. The forged aluminum is also environmentally friendly as it can be recycled in full. The FELCO tools' forged aluminum handles carry a lifetime guarantee.
  • The top-quality steel in the cutting and anvil blades, plus heat treatment, ensure perfect resistance and excellent cutting performance.
  • Parts affected by wear can be replaced.
  • FELCO has chosen a spare parts system in order to guarantee consistently high quality and longer life for its tools. The user does not have to buy new pruning shears or cutters when a part becomes worn, breaks or is lost.
  • The blades of most pruning shears are equipped with a notch for cutting small diameter wires.
  • FELCO's state-of-the art pruning shears all have a manually adjustable center nut for aligning the play between the cutting blade and the anvil blade, guaranteeing a clean and precise cut.
  • Most pruning shears come with a sap groove to wipe away dirt after each cut.

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