Sharpening Tips
Steeling A Knife
How to "Steel" a Knife
  • Hold the steel firmly in your left hand with the guard positioned to stop the blade, should it slip.
  • Hold the knife in your right hand and place knife on top part of steel, as shown.
  • Raise back of blade one-eigth inch, so the blade is at a 20 degree angle from the steel.
  • Now, moving the blade only, draw it across the steel in an arching curve, pivoted at your wrist. The blade tip should leave the steel about two-thirds of the way down.
  • Repeat the same action with the blade on the bottom side of the steel. Always maintain the same pressure and angle on both sides of the steel.
  • Repeat five or six times.
Maintaining a Sharp Edge
  • Even the best of blades will quickly dull if they come in contact with metal, glass or formica. A wooden cutting board is the ideal cutting surface to preserve the edge of your knife.
  • While Victorinox Forshner knives are dishwasher safe, it is not recommended. Instead, wash by hand in warm soapy water and rinse thoroughly, dry and store immediately.
  • The most effective method for maintaining a fine knife edge is to use a sharpening steel that is 2 inches longer than the knife you are sharpening.
  • A sharpening steel does not really "sharpen" a knife. Using a steel properly actually takes the rolled over edge off a knife - in effect straightening or realigning the knife blade, restoring its effectiveness.
  • Diamond steels will actually remove metal from the knife blade. they can quickly put an edge on a knife that cannot be sharpened with a regular steel, but should be used with caution.

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